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How to: Replace the Door Mouldings - Weather Seals including the rear side windows.

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    Hi All,

    Would anyone of you prado geniuses be able to supply the correct part numbers regarding door mouldings (black) for a 2003 GXL 120series (GRJ120R), as I cant tell which are the correct ones. I would prefer to do all weather seals if possible but desperately need both front door seals.

    Cheers, Brett


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      Guys I would just order the chrome Lexus ones, they are like a few dollars more expensive and look so much nicer.

      If you just replace one or 2 black ones, they will stand out because the others will be faded and look greyish.
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        Great post thanks!


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          Great post, thanks for sharing. Few points for anyone else trying from my experience ​​​​​​:

          just rip rip the old ones off, no need to be delicate with a special lever. They will split in two and you can just peel them out.

          For the rear cargo strips, I didn’t have a deep socket, but a normal length 10mm will work if you don’t connect to the socket properly.. you should be able to loosen the nut enough to then do by hand. Don’t loose the socket down the inside like I did.. on both sides. A total pain to retrieve from the seatbelt retractor.