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Roof rail removal

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  • Roof rail removal

    I’ve recently upgraded from a KZJ95 to a KZJ120. Hopefully some one can advise me on whether I can remove the factory roof racks and replace the existing roof rail rubber with one whole length on each side.

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    Welcome to the 120 series.

    Once you remove the factory rails, you will need to buy 6 brackets denoted by 63185D in the diagram below

    Then you need 3 trim pieces each of 175596 & 175597 in this diagram


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      Awesome, thanks for your response amts!

      I loved my 95, however I like the 120 even more.

      Thanks for the info, I’ll have to search for a good online parts supplier.

      Have you heard of people having leaks in their roof due to the roof rails? My 120 is one of the first made/imported and has traditional roof racks/rails rather than the roof rails that run the length of the roof.


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        Yes they can leak so those seals critical. Lots actually remove the lengthways rails and replace them with decent racks. Do a search in the 120 section or better still in google


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          Seeing as yours came with roof racks, what is it? If it is the common one from Rhinorack or Rola, they have feet that are fixed to the roof via the 2 bolts per foot. You then remove the crossbars and leave the feet installed on the roof. If it doesn't leak, don't mess with the feet.


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            Thanks fellas,

            I did an internet search and got more info from amts.

            My 120 has rhino racks but the cross bars came in the back of the car.

            Recently I had the car parked on an angle that let water run into the left had side passengers seat belt channel. Obviously the seat belt was wet. I also think the leak may be affecting the operation of the electric windows in the back from the drivers control.

            So it appears I need the correct key to undo the top of the rhino rack and replace the two washers before replacing the foot. Would you replace the screws too?


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              1. Sounds like you need to replace the butyl patches which helps with the sealing. Crack both bolts on the foot at the same time. Remove foot and apply patches. Or neutral cure sealant.

              2. For the window issue, go to that window and wind it down an inch or two. Then wind it up and hold the switch up for a few seconds. Then try it out.


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                You’re a legend amts!

                1 I might use Sikasil marine sealant?

                2 Your suggested window procedure worked perfectly.


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                  If it says neutral cure, then sure. Otherwise


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                    Thanks heaps amts!


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                      So I bought the rhino rack tool and took the mounts off the roof and lo and behold one of the washers between the car and rack was missing. The washer (or O ring) is approximately the size of garden hose connector, so I went to the hardware, then put a smear of sealant on the O rings and reassembled. The bolts were a little water stained from rain going down the thread.
                      Thanks again for the advice amts.


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                        Good stuff. That should do it.


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