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    Hi, has anyone used after market rotors in their Prado?
    I recently changed pads and rotors in my Prado. When I changed the pads I checked the caliper pistons and I thought they where free. Anyway after a short test drive, the Prado was definitely pulling up better, but I had a lot of vibration through the steering wheel. After closer inspection it was seized caliper pistons causing the vibration. I priced up a caliper rebuild kit including new pistons and it was cheaper for me to replace the calipers with after market ones.
    Since changing the calipers, I now have a lot more brake pedal travel. The pedal doesn't go to the floor, the Prado still pulls up, but there is a lot more pedal travel.
    I have spoken to a couple of mechanics and both have mentioned that the after market calipers would more than likely be the cause. Just interested if anyone has had the same experience or have after market calipers on their ride.

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    Are the callipers larger? Same piston and size?
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      The calipers look identical and from memory the pistons looked the same size. I may end up pulling the aftermarket calipers off on the weekend to confirm piston size. If the pistons are the same size, I'll swap the corroded ones(3 in pretty bad shape) with the ones out off the aftermarket ones and rebuild the original Toyota calipers.


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        Could be still air in the system, rebleed the brakes again and check