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Gear shift locked, ABS and VSC lights stay on.

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  • Gear shift locked, ABS and VSC lights stay on.

    Could find anything on the above topic, might be somewhere, but just thought I post up the incident and resolution in case it proves useful to someone else.

    Vehicle driven and parked no issues. Returned some hours latter and starts, but can't get auto out of 'Park' position. Then notice the ABS, and two VSC lights on. Had to use the 'shift lock' button to get it out of 'park'. Drove home ok.

    Next day, think I'll see what error codes its thrown. Everything from a failed center diff lock, ABS failure, and master cylinder pressure switch error codes come up. They could not be cleared using the procedure in the genuine workshop manual (pumping the brakes while the relevant diagnostic terminals are connected).

    One of the remedial procedures for one of the error codes listed in the workshop manual is to check the brake light switch. Ok easy way I think is are the brake lights working. Nope, so lead on by the toyota procedure figure must be a faulty brake light switch. It's actually easy to get out, once you know how. Just do a quarter turn and withdraw. Not obvious at first. Nope switch is perfect. So then check the obvious, the brake light fuse under the bonnet. Sure enough, blown.

    Replace fuse, and didn't even need to clear the supposed error codes, they just rectified themselves. So it seems to me totally extreme that Toyota designed a system that would lock the gear shift for a blown taillight fuse, and I'll bet that would me the vehicle being totally disabled to many who probably have no idea what the shift lock button does ..... but there you go, a simple blown tail light fuse.

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    Why did the fuse blow? Did the bulb go or something?


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