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ABS and handbrake/park brake light on

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  • theoneandonlyshitkicker
    I'll have to give it a go

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  • MIK
    I have had my ABS light come on when one of the rear break lights was faulty

    Brake light would work fine until turned Parker’s on then when breaks applied tail light would go out and no brake light

    After removing rear tail light assembly and removing bulb holder and adjusting contacts all good

    I did replace bulb initially thinking that was problem but it happened again so adjusted contacts

    I did have to do it more than once but have not had the issue for some time now

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  • theoneandonlyshitkicker
    started a topic ABS and handbrake/park brake light on

    ABS and handbrake/park brake light on

    Okay so I've been having a problem with the abs and handbrake light staying on happened once before couple of hard braking fixed said problem but now its been 3-4 months and the warning lights are still on. I've slid under to check the abs sensors none of the plugs or wires look damaged, bought a car diagnostic tool but the ecu isn't throwing any codes. Took both rear wheels of to check the handbreak everything was in good order cleaned out the sensors with compressed air to be safe. didn't work, used a volt meter to check if I'm still getting power to the sensors and I am. Its a real head scratcher for me. I've read a fair amount of previous posts about similar issues but no good. I'm just hoping someone has a answer for me.
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