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Spongy Brake at cold start / wait at traffic light

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  • Spongy Brake at cold start / wait at traffic light

    Hi folks, I need some opinions on my situations as kind of getting lost.

    It's a 2006 V6 Grande. Since few months ago it started happening. At the first step the brake is still strong and able to stop. Seconds after it starts becoming spongy and need more pressure to stop, it's quite bad for a one-minute wait I need to shift to P. Same situation when I cold start from home. And I notice after some drives it becomes normal during the day.

    I thought it's something to do with air / brake fluid so I just sent to a mechanics nearby.

    RapidTune said
    - All brake pad needs change, cost 770
    - Changed front lower control arms (because it's unstable during brake), cost 1200, then wheel alignment 90

    Is it a ripoff?

    When I took it back after 2 days, the problem still persists. Even worse I can hear squishing noise during the spongy brake.

    It's very obvious I'm shocked they didn't check and just throw back to me say it's better.

    I'm feeling frustrated and uncomfortable in this situation. Money spent and got nothing (something worse) back.

    Any advise what the problem could be, and what I should do next?

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    What did the Brakes invoice say - breakdown part labour would be handy.
    did they also machine the rotors?
    Full set of pads under $200


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      forgot to say my on my 03 1kx the brakes have always felt spongy. at start up it's best to pump the pedal a bit but even then holding down the pedal it does slowly sink.
      I have just done all new, rotors,calipers, pads plus full flush through of fluid. Still can be a bit spongy but great stopping. the only other thing is master cylinder but I have been told it is a trait of Prados, maybe even other toyotas


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