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Air locker 'O' ring seal issue

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    Originally posted by Rusty62 View Post
    Haven't fitted the quick exhaust yet but the line was in need of a drain again after 10000 km.
    Must put this up the list a bit.
    Have just come upon this discussion. Have you fitted the quick exhaust yet?

    I have ARB lockers back and front, the front has not been too bad, the rear was leaking oil by the bucket load back up the line. Finally able to convince the ARB dealer to fix it, as expected they found the O ring poorly seated, interestingly they added exhaust lines down to the chassis where previously it had been spilling out in the engine bay so I took it that they had no faith in their fix.

    Turns out it has been a big improvement but the rear line has now filled with oil again although very little coming out the exhaust line. Will blow it out prior to next 4X4 fun time.

    I would happily replace the O-ring with the old style if it will fix the problem.
    2009 120 GXL D4D, TJM Bull Bar, Winch, Safari Snorkel, ARB Lift, ARB Lockers, Black Widow Drawers


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      I've recently noticed that I'm getting a mist of diff oil out through the compressor solenoid vent when I unlock my rear diff.

      A visit to ARB lead to a quote for $750 to replace the diff housing oil seals.

      I've blown out the airline, but discovered this thread - has anyone fitted a Quick Exhaust Valve?

      If so, how successful is it and what make/size was fitted.
      2006 White VX - ARB winch bar & tow bar; Polyairs; Ridepro/Bilstein suspension; MT ATZ4s; ARB Air locker (rear); Tanami drawers; IPF Driving lights; Safari snorkle; ATS Sliders & Bellyplate


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