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Over revving when changing in all gears.

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  • Over revving when changing in all gears.

    HI FELLAS,I OWN A 2003 5 SPEED V6 PETROL PRADO,i am wondering why,that when you change up a gear the engine will rev out a little bit then subside after about 1 second,IS THIS JUST NORMAL?
    All my other manual gearbox cars never did the clutch on its way out?

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    You answered your own question, sounds like a worn clutch that is slipping.

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      Yep your clutch is worn and on its way out fast. Could be an expensive job. My wife had this happen a month ago in her X-Trail where it did rev high the first few times when changing gears and when letting the clutch out it had no power but kept revving excessively high. In the few days after leading up to the scheduled drop-off with the mechanic, came the bad burning smell while driving that was long lasting after switching the car off too. $2,100 for a new dual mass fly wheel & clutch kit. I hope yours is cheaper. Her car was in the auto shop for 3 days because according to the mechanic, Nissan sent a damaged part, then they had to wait for the replacement. In the manual X-Trail it's a known fault that the clutch is weak anyway and not adequate for the weight of the car and they reckon if you get 200,000km out of it consider yourself lucky. Hers had done 180,000km. Most people get anywhere between 40,000km & 160,000km out of it in the X-Trails.

      Get it fixed asap as driving with it like that can cause more damage and cost more money.
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        Is the engine revving with the clutch still pushed in, or when you've actually finished changing gears?

        If the first, probably anti-pollution settings to the ECU,
        If the second, then clutch is going going gone (as mentioned above) New clutch is about $1200.
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          Take her to a clutch specialist.
          The fact it doesn't continue slipping concerns me, sounds more like a hydraulic hose problem or master cylinder than an actual slipping clutch.
          Have seen older brake hoses that become so restrictive, the oil will only flow when under extreme pressure which results in hanging brakes.
          Specialist visit will soon tell you.