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Engaging H and L in VX

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  • Engaging H and L in VX

    Hi Guys,

    I recently bought a 2004 VX variant. I am having trouble shifting the four wheel drive lever to H. I managed to shift it to L without any problem by putting the transmission to neutral, but i could not shift it to H because it feels solid. Is there any specific gear i need to put the transmission into, in-order to shift to H?
    My other question is what happens when i put the four wheel drive lever to N? Sorry for the noob question am actually new to 4x4.

    Thank you for your time guys.
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    Stop the car. Put trans into neutral. Shift 4wd lever from H to L. Or L to H. Same both ways. Putting in N on 4wd lever means just that. You’ll go nowhere..