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What diff ratio do I have?

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  • What diff ratio do I have?

    Hi guys was hopeful that someone can help me out quickly on this one. I have a 2005 prado gxl diesel auto and have blown the rear diff. And need to get another so that I can slip in the Elocker that I want. Problem is I donít know what other model vehicles I can get the diff centre from or what ratio I need. So far a have been told it is either a 3.9 or a 4.1 but need more clarification than that.

    To help out my vin number is: jteby29j400030672


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    It'll be 4.1:1. All the 1KZ 120s have that ratio. You'll have to find another KZJ120 for a donor as all the other models are different ratio. Some use the same centre ie 3.91:1 and up use the same centre as the 4.1s I believe, but obviously the crownwheel and pinion would be different. Problem with finding a 4.1 from a KZJ120 is the Hilux guys have pushed the price up at the wreckers as they want them - to bring the gearing down for fitting larger tyres.
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