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Connecting GPS Tracker on J120

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  • Connecting GPS Tracker on J120

    Hello everyone!
    This is probably my first post after 'reading along' for many years with great pleasure and getting lots of tips and suggestions.
    I bought a GPS/GSM tracker that is also capable of cutting the power to the engine by command of SMS. Manual can be found here:

    I have started building it in and it works so far, but before I am cutting any important wires (to immobilize my 1TZ-KE), I am asking you guys for advice. Which wire(s) should be cut to immobilize the car? e.g. should I use one of the power cables to the ignition switch?

    Thanks in advance for your input!
    Cheers from Tunisia,
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    Looking at it, it senses all modes of ignition so cutting a main power to the switch will then upset your inputs to the gsm tracker. Whether it likes this happening is the question.. ( I suspect not).

    I would look at cutting a fuel pump off or ignition circuit @ the engine or the glow plug feed in a diesel. There is a number of ways to do it.
    Make sure the relay used is substantial enough for the draw of any circuit you are cutting.


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      Thanks Piggy for your fast reaction!
      The tracker is connected to permanent power and would (IMHO) be affected by a cut of ignition. I have gone through the electrical diagrams (900 page doc) but could not really make out a good wire to the fuel pump that I could use.
      The relay is rated at 40A which should be strong enough for most cuts.


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        Along with permanent power it also has connections to "ACC" "On" " crank".
        So cutting the ignition switch feed would kill at least one of these. What happens then is the question.


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          Yes, it has feed from 'ON' to power it self but 'ACC' and the others are pure for detection of state and reporting in case of alarm!