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Aftermarket headunit noise

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  • Aftermarket headunit noise

    Hi All,
    (I've tried searching the forums but haven't found any similar problems)

    I have a 2005 VX 120.

    I recently swapped out the standard 6 stacker mp3 player for a kenwood ddx4016bt, and now i have a very faint static noise coming from the speakers all the time.
    It appears about 10 seconds after the unit powers up, and remains constant all the time. Doesn't matter if the engine is on or off, or if the ignition is on or off. Doesn't chirp/pop/whistle/whine or anything like that, it's just a faint white noise static.
    The unit was installed with aerpro harness adapters so i would hope there isn't an issue with a connection etc behind the dash.

    I've tried the following:
    - Disconnecting an electronic rust prevention unit the original owner fitted (looks pretty old)
    - Updating the firmware on the headunit. The release notes mention "improve background noise". As far as i can tell this has only changed one aspect. If i choose a sound source and then turn the volume to zero, the noise disappears. Before the update, the noise was there even on volume 0.

    I tried looking through a 900+! page wiring diagram manual, and it mentions stereo amplifier (separate to antenna amplifier). I haven't seen anyone mention anything about another amplifier. Do they have one buried under the kick panels or carpet somewhere ?

    Any ideas or similar experiences out there ?

    Appreciate all input,

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    Stereo noises are often due to a bad earth, it tends to vary with revs. If that is what is happening then...

    You may need to add in your own earth from the head unit to an earth point (eg. don't use stock wiring for the earth, attach to a metal part yourself). You can probably pop out the earth wire from the plug, then tape a wire to it and earth to an existing bolt, just to test (will take 2 minutes + however long it takes to get to the back of the stereo).

    If that fixes the issue, wire the earth in properly.


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      Had similar white noise issue when LED spotties fitted. Ended up curing it with a noise filter (A3074 from jaycar) fitted to the spotlights. Only worked effectively when it was wired between the relay and the spotties.
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        Ok thanks, I'll test with a different earth. (Although, this noise doesn't vary with the engine, and still does it with the engine off).


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          Originally posted by Point View Post
          Ok thanks, I'll test with a different earth. (Although, this noise doesn't vary with the engine, and still does it with the engine off).
          worth testing still - but sounds like earth is not the issue. If you pan/balance the speakers one at a time, does it happen on all of them, or just one? it could just be wiring connector loose (most likely at stereo end if it was working before without problems)


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            Sounds like a characteristic of the unit if a software update changed it. Ask the seller/manufacture
            if it is normal or not, you may be chasing a fault that's not there?
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              Ok i tried an earth to the chassis at the passenger footwell and it didn't make a difference. The noise does shift with the fader controls left right front and back so it's all speakers.

              I suspect it might be a feature of the headunit as well.


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                Hi there,
                I have the same problem to! Did you end up fixing it if so what was it?



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                  I had this back in the day when I was more into car audio. Took ages to find it.... it was the head unit itself in the end. When I got a new 1 it went away.
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                    Originally posted by adamfitz View Post
                    Hi there,
                    I have the same problem to! Did you end up fixing it if so what was it?

                    Hi Adam,
                    No unfortunately i didn't track it down. Family, work and a general lack of time put this little problem on the backburner. I just learnt to ignore it, and to be honest i don't notice it very often, but then again i'm no audiophile. I have done another round of firmware updates in the meantime, without improvement. I was thinking of powering it up off a spare battery and directly connecting some old speakers to see if it is the car or the headunit, but that's a job for another day. Perhaps when i'm wiring the spotlights up i can have a another crack at this.


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                      I'm having very similar issue but have a bit more info to add (to my issue).
                      high pitch squeal from aftermarket head unit unit, has been fitted to two different 120's with same result.
                      noise is regardless of engine running or not
                      noise with 0 volume
                      noise whenever the head unit has power
                      The clue (to my issue) is that when I disconnect the 2nd wire going to the aerial it stops. I earthed this wire coming back from aerial and the noise got louder.
                      The radio reception then suffers a bit with it disconnected so I assume it is some kind of aerial amplifier.
                      Do I need some sort of filter on this wire?


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                        Research 'DC Choke' and add a capacitor.... Back in the days.... many head units had a small box with a fuse,transformer coil device (choke) this was to get rid of alternator, distributor and any other interference. If you have an old Pioneer or Alpine head unit, yank it off and try it. its just a 'filter' or Make one yourself (might need 2 chokes as head units drink a little more nowadays.

                        Unsure about the 120 series, but when I had the 150... I had to feed 12v into the 'antenna booster' and this improved .......well.... the reception.