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  • Air Bag Light

    The airbag light on my 2004 120 has come on, and I can't reset it

    After doing some online research I figured the most likely cause was the clock spring, so I ordered a replacement (eBay) , and fitted it. Install was no problem, and I disconnected that battery to allow the error to reset.

    Unfortunately on starting the light goes out briefly, then re-appears. Other threads have suggested wiring under the seats, but the only connectors I can see there are (I assume) for the seat belt light.

    Not sure what else I can check..... Maybe there is a fault with one of the airbags themselves (there are only 2 in my model that I know of).

    I have the vehicle listed for sale and would like to resolve this issue, hopefully without having to take it to the dealer, who will no doubt charge me a small fortune.


    [b]Cam, Kim, Ashley & Indigo
    '04 GX TD Manual[/b]

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    Have you had a code reader on it to see what code is bringing on the light?