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ABS and Airbag Error - need help (C0210 / B0101)

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  • ABS and Airbag Error - need help (C0210 / B0101)

    Hello everyone,

    first of all, sorry for my bad English, I'm from Germany and giving my best that you understand me.
    I guess you are the only chance to help me, because in german forums they don't know anything about the problem.

    The problems began 2 weeks ago.
    First of all, my ABS and handbrake warning light came on.
    I rode the car to work, started it after work - error was gone.
    The next day, the error appeared randomly, but constantly more often.
    I pulled the trigger and buyed a Delphi clone from China.
    It told me
    C0210 - Wheelspeed Sensor back right - wrong signal (I'm trying to translate the fault codes).
    Allright, started live view and I could see that all wheels measure the same speed going in a straight line.
    After that, I ordered a not genuine ABS sensor, just in case...

    Two days later, Airbag light came on. I thought "wtf is this? Now every electronic want's to die????"
    I used Delphi and found the following code
    B0101 - driver airbag ignition pill - current open

    That really sucks, because I need the car for work. Ok, it drives, but that's no long term solution.

    Today, I installed the new ABS sensor. I was sure that it will be ok, but nothing!
    Same error, I'm unable so erase the error via Delphi.
    I took it for a ride - and indeed - the sensor on the right rear wheel shows NOTHING. No speed.
    Yes, cable is connected :P

    And I found out that the airbag error comes on when I park the car into my garage - going backwards and holding the steering wheel to the maximum right.

    Is there any chance that some animal ripped my ABS line outside of the car ? But the airbag electronics is only inside the car?

    Any ides what to do next? How can I measure the cables or what would you do?

    Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your help!


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    Hi Reno
    It could be that the abs cable is damaged. Check the cable continuity of each pin in the plugs with a multimeter. The rear abs cable is a Y cable that runs from the sensors back to above the rear Differential. I had similar issue and it was a corroded wire in the plug at the sensor. took me a long time to find the fault - (always go back to basics)
    2004 V6 Grande. BLACK -


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      Airbag error light will likely be a simple faulty clock spring (Spiral cable) About $95 USD from Partsouq for the 120. ABS sensor could be as above corroded terminals etc.. I am pretty sure rear left and right are same sensors, try swapping side to side to test if its the item at fault or further into the vehicle wiring.


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        Hello everyone ,

        thank you for your answers!
        I'll check the Abs cable today from under the car.
        Has anyone the pinout of the Abs computer? Maybe I can measure the wires from the sensor to the computer.
        Is there any option to measure the spiral cable? I don't want so spend the money the wrong way (no criticism here, but I already spent to much in repairs). Just to make sure ...

        But I really don't understand why both systems are failing so shortly after each other.

        Thank you very much for your help!



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          Hello everyone!

          I found something out: It seems that the ABS sensors are not a passive type. I really can only measure resistance ( both around 360KOhm) and thats it. Nothing changes when turning the wheels. No voltage generated or something.
          So I thought they need power to work.
          All right, switched ignition on, and:
          Left side 12,4v, right side only 12,0v (at the plug to the sensor).
          So there MUST be something with the wiring (hopefully not the computer).
          I didn't have access to my lift today, but checked the wiring under the car. As you told, it's a y-type wiring, goes to a plug over the rear axle, from there so the left side of the frame and into the chassis.
          I was able to check the plug over the rear axle, seems all right.
          The plug on the frame are completly glued and dirty on the outside. Need to pressure-wash them tomorrow first.

          Can you tell me the wiring colours I need to follow to the computer? I can try to measure them step-by-step from plug to plug while moving the cable. Maybe I find the crack.

          Nothing new from airbag, same problem exists.

          Thank you very much for your help!



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            Found this that may be of use. Hope it's legible

            Click image for larger version

Name:	ABS Wiring.JPG
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Size:	75.3 KB
ID:	737229
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              Get techstream or something that shows a live view readout, you can then test the individual items live in real time,


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                Hello ,

                thanks dir the pic, great ! Will print it out today after work.
                Yes, I can read the values in real time -
                when the light came on first time I was reading 80km/ h at every sensor. The fault made no sense to me.
                After the Abs light stayed on all the time, I was reading 0km/h at the sensor. Changed the sensor and nothing , 0km/h.
                Or do you mean another test ?

                Thank you very much !



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                  Hello again,

                  maybe you have this pic in a little bit of a higher resolution?

                  Thanks a lot



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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	ABS.jpg
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Size:	78.9 KB
ID:	737347 See if this is any clearer for you.
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                    2004 V6 Grande. BLACK -


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                      Hello everyone,

                      I found the problem with the ABS.
                      You won't believe it!
                      Checked cable by cable and found the situation shown in the pics.
                      I bypassed the one pin and put some chassis glue in it so make the one hole waterproof.

                      I know one thing for sure: Toyota missed to put in the sealing plug for one of the unused pins.

                      Problem: The plug above the square plug (left side of the frame) doesn't work anymore. The seal ring broke while I opened it for a check. Also, it doesn't klick in anymore, so it isn't secure from opening.

                      Does anybody know where I can find part numbers for the plugs and pins ? I really need to change the round one out. Not amazed about the quality and built quality of the car. Lots of trouble the last 30.000km.

                      Thanks for helping me out !

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	20180612_200028.jpg
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ID:	737404Click image for larger version

Name:	20180612_201205.jpg
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ID:	737402Click image for larger version

Name:	20180612_200003.jpg
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                        Where is this connector Reno? I have a manual with connector images and associated part numbers but cant find it. (what year is your Prado?)
                        2004 V6 Grande. BLACK -


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                          Hello Craig,

                          I have LHD because I'm living in Germany. Don't know if it makes a difference?
                          Both connectors are on the left side of the ladder frame. It's just before the cables enter the cabin.

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC_2880.JPG
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Size:	86.8 KB
ID:	737447

                          The cables come from the right side of the car over the frame, then crosses over it, then goes a little inside on the left side of the frame, then corsses over the frame to the outside side of the frame, goes a little to the rear, makes a sharp bend, goes to the front, then there are both of the connectors (the rotten one and the defect one) and then it enters immediatly the cabin.

                          I'm very thankful for your help!

                          I'm hoping I'm able to solve the problems with your help!

                          Thanks a lot!



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                            Hello again!

                            I was just looking into my Landcruiser Ebook or whatever it is. Downloaded it a time ago.
                            I guess I found the connectors in there - but I don't know how I get the partnumber ... and the number of pins, sealings and everything I need to get it in good working order.

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	Steckverbindungen.jpg
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Size:	74.9 KB
ID:	737460

                            As I see, the upper connector BJ1 is broken, the lower one (BC3) is the ohne with the dirt in where I routed the one wire around.
                            How can I find the part number for those?

                            Thanks a lot!



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                              Originally posted by craigm View Post
                              Where is this connector Reno? I have a manual with connector images and associated part numbers but cant find it. (what year is your Prado?)
                              Oh sorry I forgot to answer the question: Mine is year 2006.

                              Thanks again!