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Interior Overhead Light - Prado 120 Series 2004

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  • Interior Overhead Light - Prado 120 Series 2004

    Hi there. First time posting to this forum, I must say it's been extremely helpful just lurking here and reading post after post.

    I have recently purchased myself a 2004 Prado 120 Series and the wiring throughout is a shocker

    The main one that is bugging me is the interior light, I will post photos in the morning, but from what I have seen and read is as follows The light requires 3 or 4 wires going to it to function

    I will post photos in the morning but from what i see on mine, it has 2 separate connectors coming out of the roof, one with 8 wires and the other with 3 or 4
    ​​​​​​Not only are the connectors all different but the wire going into the light circuit board has 8 wires, most of which would be redundant if I used the 3 wires

    Apologies for the spaghetti explanation it will hopefully make more sense with the photos in the morning
    Thanks in advance for your help

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    Could someone possibly post a photo of their interior light wiring?