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Immobiliser Issues

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  • Immobiliser Issues

    Hi Team

    I have just recently had my 2005 Petrol V6 auto Prado 120 with a no start condition. It cranks but does not fire, has the immobiliser light flashing whilst cranking, an obvious sign its an immobiliser issue.

    I have replaced batteries in the keys however same symptoms.

    I have then removed the transponder unit from one of the keys and pushed it up close to the ignition barrel with ignition on, immobiliser now switches off and I can start the car. Have checked all connections to the immobiliser amplifier (module surrounding the ignition barrel). It just wont turn the immobiliser off while the transponder is in the key, like it has a weak signal or something.

    I suspect maybe the immobiliser amplifier isnt working as well as it should. Anyone had this issue? Thoughts and theories.


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    you should be able to timeout/ override the immobilizer, normally leaving the ignition in the on position for something like an hour does it. at least this way it will point you in the right area.

    not sure with prados but for commodores it was common for scumbags to do this to the ones they could find in a car park with the screw drive in the ig switch and walk back through an hour later and take what ever one was still there.


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      The key fob has two functions, it operates the central looking, and there is also a transponder in the key
      that signals the security ECU when you insert the key, the transponder may be faulty. Try the spare key
      and see what happens.
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