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Cigarette plug, mirrors and saas gauge not working,

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  • Cigarette plug, mirrors and saas gauge not working,

    Hi everyone!.
    It is a little bit complicated

    In my toyota gxl 2004 3.0 diesel manual the cig (front and bag) I doesn't working anymore. I tried to do a properly connection at the back to fix an arb fridge in cog plug, unfortunately I joint the cables and I blow up everything, now mirrors and any cig plugs are. Not working. Then I have checked all the fuse and everything its ok, and I removed the radio and cig front plug and everything to try to follow the the cables way (i m beginner) then I found the cable form the dash board (pink one) came from the fuse box at the engine, I've checked all the fuse and everything looks good.

    I got a saas gauge (turbo -exhoust temperature) I've connected it in small fuse box under the steering, then I was working properly and one day it started to blinking and I doesn't anymore, I read About it and I doesn't have signal,( from where?).

    I would appreciate you help guys I don't now what to do, and still I should conner usb port, fridge, the same gauge and let couple line alive to future connection.


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    I have dual battery, I connected it by my self and its working properly.


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      Have you checked both fuse blocks? Test fuses with a multimeter. If ok then check for power out of each fuse that powers those items. Then trace back until you lose power. No easy way unfortunately.
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