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GXL 120 Prado Sovereign bull bar fog lamps

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  • GXL 120 Prado Sovereign bull bar fog lamps

    I have replaced the broken fog lamps with new replacement units, but the wires coming from the lights go into the engine bay into a three pin plug with what appears to be a blank insert to keep them dry, but there is nowhere to plug them into when i remove the insert. The lamp stalk inside the cabin has the requisite fog lamp on/off switch and dash indicator and the fuses check, out but the lights do not plug into anything on the wiring harness in the engine bay - any help is appreciated

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    Did you manage to fix it?

    Is there power at the plug when using the stalk switch?
    They may well have to be joined. ie soldered or have decent quality plugs put on them at the least.... I'd solder them.