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Antenna like connection , original car stereo system - help identify

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  • Antenna like connection , original car stereo system - help identify

    Hi All
    I was helping a good friend replacing their head unit to a new android one on a Pardo 120 2006 gasoline model
    when we disconnected the main unit we found a smaller plug near the radio antenna connection.
    can anyone identify what it is? the new unit did not come with any appropriate plug for it.
    currently we installed the original system back as we were missing something else for the install.
    We did not try the system with this one disconnected.

    help is apricated!!

  • #2
    You don't say what level of option your vehicle has. I'm guessing but could it be for a GPS (Navigator) antenna? Unlikely to be Cell Phone / Mobile phone antenna.


    • #3
      Might be an import car and it had a DAB radio or Satellite radio perhaps?


      • #4
        the car came in as luxury but that might be a local definition here in Israel.
        the radio dose not have DAB or satellite nor GPS , so its not it.
        after digging some more GeeWhizz might be on the right path that it might be an old cellphone antenna extension


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          Dual Diversity Antenna. 120 series Prados have the antenna in the rear side glass. Dual diversity antenna are supposed to provide better reception. Aerpro make adapter to suit which accepts both large and small plugs, and converts them to the single large for use with aftermarket head units.


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