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No dash lights after head unit replacement

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  • No dash lights after head unit replacement

    We have a 2005 GXL that I just upgraded the head unit in. Now I have no dash lights. The head unit is a double din pioneer & I used the plug & play adaptor, leaving the factory speakers in place but added an amp & sub.

    I’m no auto sparky but I know my way around a car well.

    The gauges fuse is not blown. The only two things I can think of is that there are two orange wires, one in the Toyota harness side & the other on the HU side that aren’t connected to each other. Orange wires on after market HU’s are usually illumination wires. Being that everything runs through the BCM, could this be my issue?

    The only other thing I can think of which I’m hoping is not the case, is that when I stick my hand up inside the cavity above the kick panel to feed the phone mic wires through, I may have dislodged or broken a wire but I doubt this as I was carefully aware of this.

    Any help appreciated

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    There is a big cable/plug with a screw in it, on the left hand side of the headunit surround. Make sure this is put back properly and that its making a good connection. If the screw isnt tight enough it wont connect, and it has power for everything.


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      Cheers Frog, yeah I didn’t touch that plug & have checked it since. I have power to one side of the fuse. I was mistaken about that orange wire. It’s purely a dimmer wire for the deck. I’ve pulled it all apart again & can’t see anything that would indicate a broken circuit


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