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White smoke only on start up

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    Just got the car back from toyota and they replaced the all o-rings and washers on the injectors they said they were rooted and i had a look at them and they were shot the car is all good so much for [B]DARWIN TOYOTA SERVICE lead mech saying it was valve stem seals
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      Originally posted by Davros View Post
      BUgger Bugger Bugger!!!!!!

      I just noticed white smoke at start up this past week, after leaving it for a few hours. A bit worse when vehicle parked nose down hill for some reason.
      85000km's and out of warranty.

      How much are those injectors Roo???
      Hi Davros, I saw your reply on an old post on Prado point. I have the same issue on a 2008 D4D 120. Exactly the same, also when parked nose down...

      ​​​​​​​How did you fix the problem?