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Engine Conversion?

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  • Engine Conversion?

    Hey Guys and Girls, 1st time post so be gentle

    Recently purchased 2007 Prado D4D 3.0 with 280 kmís, all country use and good service history.

    Decked it out, drove from Adelaide to Queensland on our holidays and all went well (great trip).

    With all the info Iíve been reading for the last few months, injectors cost a fortune along with everything else on this vehicle when it comes to engine parts etc.

    so has anyone here done a engine conversion and if so, what engine and what was the cost?

    thanks in advance,

    ps: any Prado guys here in Adelaide go wheeling regular? Originally from WA so no contacts here for 4x4ing....

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    I think an engine conversion will cost you more

    the 1kd is a good engine.

    If your new to the engine. First thing I would say is fit a catch can. Blank off egr with 7mm hole drilled in, drain your engine sump and clean the oil pick up.

    Regardless of what the car is, do a full service, change all filters and oils
    11/06 kdj120 gx wide body auto


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      Thanks for the advice Red Hilux, appreciate it


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        Engine conversions are generally more suitable to older, less complicated cars. Newer cars will require more adapting of the existing electrical and computer network in the car. You'll also have stiffer emissions tests to meet which require newer, more expensive engines. The cost of a conversion irrespective of the engine would be astronomical- Far beyond what the cars worth.The money you'd spend on a conversion could be spent on the donk that's already in it. Give it a refresh and it'll keep going for years.


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          Thanks for the reply Atherton and will take your advice also


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            There a good engine and looked after will see 400-500km +


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              Thanks Gurilla