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Problems emptying HPD catch can

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  • Problems emptying HPD catch can

    Please tell me I'm missing something.
    This is my first 4wd so I'm learning a lot on the fly.
    I've just bought a 120 which has an HPD catch can fitted. I wanted to check how much oil is in it, but couldn't get the can off. I unscrewed the bottom - I'm assuming that's how you do it - but there is a metal pipe (aircon I think) right below it. No manner of pushing our pulling (within reason - I don't want to break anything) could get it to pass.
    Do I really need to take the whole thing of the bracket to do this, or an I missing something here?

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    I no longer have prado but the model now, I just take the dipstick out of the top and use a syringe and piece of tube to suck it out. I would guess this one's the same.