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Vacuum valve near oil filter damaged

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  • Vacuum valve near oil filter damaged

    Hi all,
    in my haste to do an oil change after nighshift this morning on my 08 D4D, I have cranked on the trusty kinchrome filter strap and dislodge one of the vacuum valves that sit beside the oil filter, (the blue one) pretty sure it has just popped one side of the locating tabs out of the bracket with no damage to the actual valve itself. Can someone please advise if I can remove the whole bracket after I’ve labelled the hoses to get a better look at it and if the bolts holding it in are part of another assembly and will need to be torqued up on install.

    Any help would be much appreciated so I can get it sorted without losing too much sleep, I’ll need all my energy to give myself an uppercut in the coming days.

    Also be handy to know exactly what these valves are for as well. (Proper ryco filter cup is on order)

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    you got a pic?

    I never noticed the one you talking about
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