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Massive changes to the old 1kzte.

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  • Massive changes to the old 1kzte.

    Long time member. Been AWOL for a long time between posts.
    history of our girl.
    brought new in 2005. Had it since.
    the usual mods up until 1 year ago.
    we had a little mix up at the diesel bowser.
    Long story short, it got a gob full of petrol and was running horrible for a few days until it went to the mechanics. He discovered unleaded in the fuel filter. A call to the insurance company had the engine out and off to the engine builder for a rebuild under insurance. Included in that was new injectors, glow plugs and a rebuild of the injector pump. Happy happy joy joy.
    while that was away we got a new radiator, turbo, exhaust, engine mounts, clutch, redarc gauges for egt, boost and dual battery volts and charging amps. Bull bar got a sand blast and re powdercoated.
    it came together as a new engine, matching numbers, 280,000km car.
    Happy with the result, 13psi boost, but fuel economy was a little heavy from before. All good.
    a recent purchase of a stoney creek camper got us towing a camper again, and the that’s when the EGT’s we’re getting a little high. So spoke to diesel remap and Dyno and settled on a unichip and Dyno tune of the old girl. Just to set all the components to work with each other. Ended up with a tow tune, low down about 20hp and about 40nm gain and all through the range was improved.
    yesterday fitted a bonnet scoop to help and today we gave it another test run.
    great get up and go. Did not set the egt alarm off unless I left it up to the cruise control on a hill. Fuel consumption down a little. But over all it went brilliantly.
    it feels so much lighter.
    need to back off at 100 as it just wants to go, and it gets there so much easier.
    Love the old girl. It was her last chance, if it was still unhappy to tow it was going to be traded in. Glad that didn’t happen.
    120 for ever.
    Reminds me of my safari in Africa. Somebody forgot the corkscrew and for several days we had to live on nothing but food and water.
    W. C. Fields (1880 - 1946)

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    Bonnet scoop
    Reminds me of my safari in Africa. Somebody forgot the corkscrew and for several days we had to live on nothing but food and water.
    W. C. Fields (1880 - 1946)


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      Wow Jeff, and I thought I was the only one who still had the old girl , now have 280000 km on the Gold Prado and second set of injectors and glows . No Mods on the engine.
      It blows a bit of white smoke on start up but runs fine.

      Drives like a neew car still and we are off to Gibb in June with another hire camper trailer to test it out.

      good to hear you have kept it running.

      2003 GXL Turbo Diesel,


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        Yep still got ours too, can't see me getting rid of it any time soon. I've spent the last 13 years modifying it.. 280,000km, still going well though I don't use it as a daily now. Set up for touring with the camper. Spent some time on it recently, resealed the steering rack, new rack ends and tie rod ends, resealed the timing case (slight oil leak), new water pump, timing belt and idler, new water hoses, coolant, rear wheel bearings, body mounts, rebuilt gearbox. Mostly genuine parts ex Amayama or Partsouq.
        Last mod I have done is adding an ARB pressure connect to my central tyre inflation system..

        Silver '04 KZJ120~Manual~GXL~Dobinson/Kings lift~Custom valved Ironmans~Detroit Locker~Endless Air~X9 Superwinch~Madman EMS1~TJM Dual Battery~Rhino Roof Tray~120W solar panel~Foxwing awning~Bushskinz UVP~Long Ranger water tank~Bushman fridge~Steinbauer P-Box~Beaudesert 2 3/4"~Airtec Snorkel~TJM Sliders~Prico Boost Gauge~BFG-KO2s~TPMS~GME TX3420~Front and Rear Cameras~Ultimate Camper hanging off the back!


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