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    Hi everyone, I bought my first Prado 07 D4D 160k on clock... and 3 days after buying it the engine has seized (looks like the bloody injector issue) the dealer is willing put a new motor in however says that it needs a new crank shaft which the reconditioned motor we were looking at doesn't have ... We can't seem to have any luck finding what we need, I'm no mechanic and the dealer is pretty much asking me to go find a solution (wtf) Im absolutely devastated as I finally decided to get a loan / fork out for a decent 4x4, previously had a few nightmare pajeros, any advise on what is the best way to go about fixing it or any suppliers/mechanics out there that can help would be greatly appreciated. it's currently in Sydney Thanks in advance, Ro
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    If it was purchased from a dealer it's not your problem. I would be pushing for a refund over a wrecking yard rebuilt engine that will more then likely be using the original injectors.


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      None of this makes sense.

      If 3 days old and under 200k kms it should have some type of stat warranty from a dealer.

      I wouldn't be offering to supply anything to them, contact your local motoring organisation or Consumer affairs for your next step. I'm adamant it should have dealer warranty.

      An injector failure doesn't seize engines normally.


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        Contact NSW fair trading. You may sadly be out of warranty as it looks like it 10 years / 160 k kms cutoff. But as stated speak to fair trading straight away.


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          Also if they're willing to out in a new engine why are they suggesting it needs a new crank shaft?

          Complete engines already have crank shafts, all of them, otherwise they are not complete engines.

          If it's a rebuild they are suggesting, then it's up to them to provide the new parts to get the job done.

          As above there's statutory warranty. Also if the dealer was Toyota they would, sorry should, be all over the injector issue and should have checked that before selling it.


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