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Modified 120 Petrol Exhaust systems ?

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  • Modified 120 Petrol Exhaust systems ?

    Are you after twice the exhaust system?
    The Ingo Family Adventures

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    Yes, it was posted twice. Opportunity for fun. :P A bottle of red will do that to you.
    The Ingo Family Adventures


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      Originally posted by Pradogxlv6
      mmm, thats over my head.. I am just looking for a quality aftermarket exhaust, to liberate a few more horses from the Prado.. Simple. :roll: :idea:
      Just fit Unichip Matt, might workout cheaper too
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      [b]2004 120 GXL V6 4sp Auto D694 LTs and MTRs with Kevlar (best of both worlds )[/b]



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        LC120 V6 EXHAUST

        Any prado 120 v6 owners that live in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast (or are planning a holiday up there during August or September), and can loan their car for four to five working days to Mercury Mufflers can get themselves a FREE!!! 2 1/2" mandrel bent preformance exhaust.

        I got my Turbo Diesel done 6 months ago and love it. (More power/torque and better fuel economy) I know they are looking for a V6 to design the system on. Its first in best dressed so hurry and call the boss Colin on 07 5445 1218 or send an email from the website.

        ps. they are also looking for DID and V6 Pajero (new model), V6 Hilux and some others I can't remember just now.


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          getting a new exhaust this week twin system minus cat converters hope to get 25 horses from the v6 petrol 05


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            Originally posted by sgeffen
            getting a new exhaust this week twin system minus cat converters hope to get 25 horses from the v6 petrol 05
            Oh dear.

            You umm, do know what the fine is for not running Cat converters? Try not to get caught.

            Chuck the puppy on a dyno before and after to see what increase or decrease you get with the new exhaust.


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              slades how many kms do u do per year? if its more than 15 thousand u produce more emissions than i do i got the 4wd because ive got kids / like sitting high in traffic / enjoy chucking my surfboards in the back and got a great car for the money. I dont have a heavey bull bar lift kit etc. etc to worsen my fuel consumption figures.

              In the past ive had a bmw m3 , jag with worked 350 chev (leaded) and turbo liberty, all of which given how i drive, were less environmentally sound than my prado. Further more if that arguement is followed to its logical conclusion we should all be driving hybrid priuses or catching the bus to work. I would be happy to pay an increased price for petrol if there was a carbon tax

              No idont know the fine for not having cat converters dont have them on other cars i own (see abouve)


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                Like I said, dyno it before and after would be interesting to see the results.
                Only way to know what is happening powerwise before and after.


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                  I am more interested in seeing the Dyno figures.

                  My mate runs a very big $$$ Dyno here locally and does $40-50 buck Dyno runs for Horsepower and other figures to be printed for anyone who wants to pay for it. (After hours & Weekends only by appointment).
                  He has found that about 50% of cars with said Cat removals (That he does not condone in any way and refuses to do) when put on the before and after Dyno tend to actually lose power or break exactly even on power (No increase).
                  He has had a few that have had worthwhile gains (15Kw) but says its still not worth risking a defect and fine over.

                  He had one That lost 7% of its power by removing the Cat converter on the Before/After Dyno runs!!
                  Thats why I am interested to see if a Prado increases or decreases power.


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                    thanks piggy ill let u know maybe with custom exhaust can leave cat converters and still get more horses have a mate with an exhaust shop so im getting well looked after

                    slads are you a policeman? something that is techniquely illegal im sure you have done in your day, when you 4wd do you always stay on the track? do you ever exceed the speed limit? always indicate to change lane? ever driven to the corner shop without yor belt on? or had a dog in the car without an appropiate car barrier? even god forbid had 4 beers and driven home?

                    let he who is without sin cast the first stone (John 8:2-11)

                    I post on this site in a genuine attempt to to communicate with other car nuts not to be patronized because my ideas of what i want to do with my car dont mesh with yours


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                      As a note I dont think removing the cat's is a good idea either, and certainly dont condone it.
                      Its probably better of left as not spoken about!


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                        the Cat is there for a reason, to burn up harmful chemicals in the exhaust gases. Probably better explanations out there but here's one --> (ignore the adverts!!!)

                        So, although you may or may not get better performance out of your car by removing the Cat, you most likely will be putting extra junk into the air, that we have to breath...


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                          i can understand posts suggesting that catalytic converters should not be removed due to possible toxic release of chemicals but the biggest toxin we release driving our cars is CO2 plus numerous other chamicals regardless of catalytic converters, this is released in direct proportion to how much fuel we consume.

                          Since this is cheifly a result of the number of kms we drive combined with increased consumption for raised cars full of useless (to me) heavy off road stuff, my origional point is valid. That is if you drive more than me you are poisening our childrens atmosphere more than i am by a factor of your fuel burning.

                          Further if one of your hobbies is driving long distances across australias fragil remote and rural locations (ie 4wd ing) then you are buggering up the flora and frequently fauna with the passage of your vehicle as well as consuming excess gasoline etc. Have a look at areas of Fraser Island or Stradbroke to see the damage caused by even careful, well meaning 4wd vehicles

                          I however really dont mind what you do with your car I just object to being labelled as a uncaring polluter by a bigger polluter. If you rode a bike everywhere then your critisism would be valid


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                            hg monaro?
                            did you / do you have the GTS 350 with 2 speed trannie?
                            bet u didnt retrospectively fit cat converters to that car
                            (which i think is the best ever austalian made muscle car
                            great shape, good sound, comfortable drive)


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                              no, no cat's but it didn't come with them either. The car (unfortunately) has only been out of the garage once this year... less than 500m up the street and back too! The fuel in it is probably 3-4 years old! I also have a VS Clubsport... 87K in over 9 years and our other car (which has been Nissan Pulsar, then Subaru Outback and now a petrol Prado) will do 10-12K per year (except for the year we do our 1/2 lap which will be 18-20K)

                              I guess my amusement/concern of removing cats is the possible polution issue, the legality of it and I can't see the need for more power for a petrol Prado. There's already enough power for the tyres/suspension/weight IMO. Guess I'm too old for this type of caper