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  • Supercharging

    Hey guys, long time reader, first time posting.

    I coulda sworn i have read discussions on supercharging here before but cant seem to find?

    Anyway, thought some folks would be interested in some info re a prado supercharger system available in Aus.
    I have my 120 '07 supercharged and it is fantastic.
    Raptor superchargers do a complete intercooled kit.
    Mine is currently making 204kwatw and bout 400nm torque atw. I tow a ski boat regularly and it is great.
    On cruise in full camping spec I use approx 1litre/100km MORE fuel but driveability is unreal.

    Cheers guys. Hope this is helpful for those wondering about options.

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    Where are the pics?


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      Sure mate.

      Raptor have done a neat job i reckon.
      Ive done about 6,000kms since being charged. Running nice and cool. No dramas so far!
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        Ive yet to plumb my snorkel back into the system. Still working on that one.


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          What was original power and cost to supercharge?


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            So is it your vehicle pictured on the Raptor site Yodapower?


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              Originally posted by Piggy View Post
              So is it your vehicle pictured on the Raptor site Yodapower?
              Yea it is Piggy. The first one off the block for the 120 prado
              They have an extensive range but for the 1grfe engine it was hilux and FJ, now includes prado kit.


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                That's Odd, Must be a new player? I've seen heaps of side mount blower kits for the Prado over the last 6 or 7 years. CAPA was doing them back around 2005/6.

                Who was the installer? What affiliation do you have with them?

                What was power on the Dyno before the kit was installed?


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                  ...and is there an intercooler anywhere in the system? Not interested unless there is!
                  '08 GXL V6 Manual with: O/L Bar, Cibie Oscars, Safari Snorkel, Revalved Ironman 45710 Struts & 45682 Shocks, Dobinsons & King springs, MickeyT STZs, Eaton E-locker on rear, ScanGaugeII, InaWise TPMS, and a Tvan controlled via TowPro.


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                    Gonna be hell to get that snorkel plumbed in and have a working air cleaner. Some custom fab needed there.

                    The cable tie holding the power steering reservoir is a bit LOL for a professional install I thought..

                    Still be interested to know what the power was before any mods, and after. And total costs inc exhaust?


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                      Originally posted by stevensr34 View Post
                      ...and is there an intercooler anywhere in the system? Not interested unless there is!
                      Air/water cooler at top, big silver thing with two large hoses running each side of the engine bay. I gather it goes to its own radiator (with fan) by the description, and must have its own pump? or is plumbed thru the vehicle cooling system?


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                        Raptor have been around for years. Just saw a market in the 120 i believe as roots blower kit out of qld is super expensive. There are a couple of centrifugal kits going around. No affiliation, just the first 120. Bit of RnD for them in terms of brackery etc so they had my vehicle for a little while. Installer was Tim for raptor himself in Cairns.

                        Yea haha that power steering cable tie is me. Not installer. Just sorting out my dual battery tray (lost with the charger installed) it would sit on its factory mount otherwise.
                        I dont have a pre charge dyno run unfortunately. Engine rated at 179kw so 204kwatw on a 4wd dyno i guess is a fair increase. Not sure of powertrain loses?
                        System is intercooled water-air. Seperate radiator with seperate fan and pump. Charger transmission is also water cooled thru this radiator to. Runs cool.

                        Have pacemaker header on (had for yrs, not sure on current cost). Exhaust upgrade was $1800 incl 100 cell cats and 2.5 exhaust etc.
                        Kit is $5700.

                        I run basic camp spec as in 31's muddies, rooftop tent, rear bar dual wheel carrier etc and big increase in driveability. Torque increase is very noticeable off rd to.
                        Yup... snorkel will be fun to plumb 😑
                        Will.let you know how i go..


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                          How is the raptor supercharger holding up this far down the track be interested to hear? Also the engine?