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Valve Seat Recession and LPG - myth or not?

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  • Valve Seat Recession and LPG - myth or not?

    G'day Everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone has ever had trouble with valve seat recession on a 4.0 V6?

    If so were you on LPG?

    The reason I ask is I have been having trouble with O2 sensors in my right bank so I took my car to an Auto Diagnosis specialist who told me that "This is the worst possible engine to put on LPG, they give trouble on petrol and on LPG this will be an ongoing issue". I am struggling to believe this to be honest and keen to hear if other people have had troubles.

    For reference my car has a JTG liquid system on it and has done about 110,000kms with it. 30,000 or so have been fairly hard kms towing 2.5 tonnes.


    2007 120 Series GXL V6 Manual Black
    JTG Liquid LPG, Pacmaker Extractors, Redarc Dual battery system, 120W Solar Panel, Rino HD roof rack, Iron Man Awnings and Roof Top Tent, External LED Lighting, Longeranger 22L Water Tank, Black Widow half barrier, more to come...

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    Ive put 120,000 on LPG on my FJ with no issues, and know some that have done more.

    Hilux has the same engine as the P120 - Prins Autogas has a Hilux with ~ 500,000 kms on it on LPG.