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2007 GXL P0420 - New Sensors Fitted, still not fixed Help!

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  • 2007 GXL P0420 - New Sensors Fitted, still not fixed Help!

    G'day Everyone,

    I have had ongoing issues with my 120 V6 GXL over the last 10,000kms or so and I am hoping someone might be able to help.

    I have P0420 coming up.

    I have replaced both the pre and post cat sensors twice in the right bank and the fault code is still coming up.

    I also swapped the ones in the left back just to be sure and still no luck.

    I do run LPG, but the fault happens even with the LPG switched off.

    Could I have a blocked / Dead CAT or is there something else I should be looking at? EGR Maybe?

    Really appreciate your thoughts, getting pretty sick of the light, not to mention the cost.

    Cheers & Thanks

    2007 120 Series GXL V6 Manual Black
    JTG Liquid LPG, Pacmaker Extractors, Redarc Dual battery system, 120W Solar Panel, Rino HD roof rack, Iron Man Awnings and Roof Top Tent, External LED Lighting, Longeranger 22L Water Tank, Black Widow half barrier, more to come...

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    That code points to the two sensors, the CAT or a exhaust leak somewhere according to the manuals.

    Manifolds not cracked or anything?


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      Cat's wear out eventually right? How many km?