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2007 petrol 6 speed won't start .. also posted in general discussion

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  • 2007 petrol 6 speed won't start .. also posted in general discussion

    I'm cross posting in this section as I'm not getting any response in the general forum, and perhaps I should have posted here?? Copy of post follows .....

    My 2007 120 series petrol 6 speed would not start yesterday after numerous attempts. Previous day ran with no problems and has done for a long time, although have had this exact same no start situation a few times in the last 2 to 3 years.

    Occurs first start of the day and would seem it might?? be ignition related as I could smell minor unburnt fuel smell at the tailpipe, after multiple starting attempts yesterday. All fuses OK, tank half full, regularly serviced, and on several occasions after such an event I've had my mechanic check, and there have been no stored codes. Suspected that temp sensor may be the issue, so replaced that last year.

    Any suggestions on likely/common failure items? I got the car at 160,000 km and its done 271,000 now - mainly highway but some light 4WD for my work getting to buildings and buildings sites in more remote areas. I'm going to keep the car and just keep running up the k's and keep it in good condition.

    I'm thinking of just replacing the fuel pump, and maybe O2 sensors, as a preventative maintenance measure - any other suggested items which are common failure/maintenance items worth replacing considering the km's. I'd rather do some preventative maintenance replacement now, than wait for vital items to fail and be stranded.

    Thanks for any help you can offer

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    Needs more information.. I had issues when my starter was on way out and not cranking hard enough it wouldn't start.. Replaced starter, issue gone.. Starter/ clock spring and 02 will all ultimately need replacing in a 120 series soon. Cheap from amayama or partsouq. (I also can't see how a temp sensor can cause a starting issue...)


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      Thanks for your reply. I can rule out the battery, alternator and starter. Brand new Bosch battery six months ago, starter replaced about 8 months ago, alternator/charging OK, and have checked and had a trickle charger on battery to be sure.

      The issue is intermittent ... when it won't start I can crank multiple times and no go ... have another go an hour later and it'll fire up and run/drive perfectly.

      I've tried my spare key to rule out the key head not deactivating the immobiliser, but that didn't alter things.

      When I replaced the temp sensor it was mainly to fix a running hesitation when cold, which I thought may have also had some responsibility for cold starting problem if it was telling the ECU it was hot. This is the first time I've had the no start issue since then.


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        It sounds like a fuel pump problem, if the ignition was cutting out, it should play up when hot as well .
        Ask your mechanic to check if the fuel pump goes to sleep when cold.
        Very common with in tank pumps.
        Best of luck.

        Mr Reliable.