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  • Thirsty camel turned dead donkey

    Hi brains trust. Newbie here.

    I'm really having a series of bad luck with my car (2006 Prado Grande V6 Petrol) My car is running LPG and Petrol and a few months ago, I started having issues with the LPG system and eventually got it serviced. The car was driving OK again but I noticed that it seemed a lot heavier on fuel use. I took it back and they remapped the LPG system. The car was still driving OK but my fuel consumption continued to be poor. The car was now due for its regular service and so I got it done by a mechanic who was recommenced to me by friends who owned 2 Toyota 's. I got the car service last Thursday. I drove the car back from my mechanic after the service and parked it in the driveway. Later that afternoon, I got into the car and it wouldn't start (engine just kept turning over). Long story short was that as part of the service, the fuel filter was replaced and a hose had come off the fuel filter. The next day though is when it started having it's latest issue. The car seems to have lost half of its power. I have now referred to it as 'donkey' mode. I had decided to run the car only on petrol to see what the consumption is like when just running on petrol and have left the Gas switch off even though it was probably about %70 full. I took the car back to my mechanic who assures me that all he changed during the service was the oil, fuel filter and pollen filter and greased the chassis. I asked him to swap the fuel filter back to the old one which he still had. Sadly though, that didn't make any difference.

    What I did notice though at first which is probably a co-incidence but if I ran the car on Gas for a while, it eventually seemed to start running OK again and when flicking back to petrol, would eventually start going back to 'donkey' mode.

    Over the weekend, I played around between switching from Gas back to petrol and visa-versa but there was no longer any consistency between when the power was on and off and on which fuel I was using. At the moment, I've left it running just on petrol and there is 1 light on the Gas indicator. Today, the car has been up and down on power at random intervals. When its' down on power, you have to give it so much acceleration to get it going. It sounds as though its running on all 6 cylinders however, I can audibly hear that the engine is different and sounds like there is a bit of piston slap or something NQR. If you just put it in neutral and rev it, it sounds perfect and no audible noisiness from the motor. Put it back into drive and sounds awful again under acceleration

    Without having a mechanical background and only remembering some tinkering that my brothers used to do on their motorbike, this to me sounds/feels more like a timing issue and from speaking to a few folks about LPG and Petrol systems, I believe that the timing is somewhat different on Gas than it is on Petrol? If this is true, is it possible that the car is alternating (for whatever reason) between the 2 timing programs (1 for gas and 1 for petrol?).

    If you have any ideas/suggestions to help out, that would be awesome

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    Hi James
    I am having the same issue, except mine has rapidly gotten worse to point I have to keep revs up to get the car home so it doesn't cut out.
    I have cleaned the maf and sparks were done knot 15000kms ago.
    any luck with yours?