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CEL and engine revs shooting up after servicing

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  • CEL and engine revs shooting up after servicing

    I just changed spark plugs and all the oils, engine, gearbox, transfer case, front and rear diff. Changed air filter and cabin filter.
    All seemed fine on a quick test drive, engine smooth and gearchange much smoother.
    Then a week later I bled the clutch and brakes and went for a quick drive and clutch felt lighter and smoother and brake pedal seemed soft but brakes actually worked better.
    Then I asked my daughter to take it for a drive and she said the idle was rough and the CEL on. I took it for a drive and the check engine light was on and idle rough and revs shot up to 2000 rpm in between gear changes with clutch disengaged. It seems like the idle has become quite erratic.
    At home I opened the bonnet and heard a lot of noise from the left hand side, like wind roar and when I turned off the engine it made a weird sound like something depressurising. It now makes that noise every time I turn the engine off.
    Does anyone have any ideas?
    173000 kms 2009 4l petrol. Was running fine before I gave it TLC which is ironic!

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    All sorted. My mate who helped me do the left side spark plugs left a vacuum hose off