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    bought my prado in Sydney January, driving along and the car would lose power still run just no acceleration took it to the Machanic and the tanks looked like someone had thrown a bucket of red dirt in them (pic 1) replaced filters and pump, after this it ran smooth as for 2 weeks I had an engine light my Machanic Pulled a code for 02 sensors precat once they were replaced it pulled a code for rear sensors they were changed, since sensors have been changed it has the worst idle I've replaced pcv valve cleaned the throttle body and maf sensor nothing changed idle is bad in D and R also first start of the morning it'll make a pop sound just once or twice from under the hood in D and R when throttle opens
    so the Machanic put new injectors in since the filth that was running through the tank before I got it was an obvious red flag (pic 2) while he was in there he changed plugs leads coils, and still nothing has changed! I'm thinking maybe an Evap problem? Vaccum leak(no hoses are visibly split cracked or anything) Cat? Idk? Help! I love my prados my last one has 780xxx on it and not a problem! This one has 114xxx and it'll be the death of me! Service history isn't great on it either

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    Would the car have been in a flood or drowned in bonnet depth water or something & sat in there for a period of time? Might have some water ingress in the wiring looms? Youíll no doubt spend thousands more replacing things with no improvement (always the way) but it seems to me like water damage in electrics. Can make a car run sick and lumpy until the looms are completely dry. Just my opinion. Maybe you could remove some plastic trims around the inside skin of the car & look for signs of dirty water marks or a water level mark. Or maybe even a little bit of water in the torque converter. Iíve seen it before with a friendís Patrol that got stuck in a deep bog hole for 5 mins until I could snatch his car out after 11 attempts. He went to drive afterwards and the car wouldnít move. He had issues for days with loss of power or no acceleration power at all until he decided to flush his transmission fluid completely which fixed it. He didnít have any breathers fitted and he said the transmission sucked in dirty water which just wreaked havoc with trying to drive the car. Turned out to be an expensive & time consuming mistake on his part as the bog hole was easily avoidable via a chicken track next to it. He only had the car for 24hrs when he did it too. Was his first 4wd. I got him out of the bog hole at 3pm about 40km from home. Got his car home at 1am the next morning because of the intermittent power loss. He had to remove the seats and pull up all the carpet to clean the muddy stagnant water out. Drained and refilled diffs, tranny and transfer case after he diagnosed water in torque converter. Had shorts in some wiring looms too from water ingress because some electrics werenít working properly. Stay out of deep bog holes peoples.
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      Not sure it's the torque convertor as the shudder is only when stationary in drive or reverse, not at any speed, I will have a look for any water lines under the plastics