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surging / fuel issue after service out of ideas

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  • surging / fuel issue after service out of ideas

    hi brains trust ,
    ive been searching everywhere on the forum to find a similar issue with my 2004 prado 120 v6 1GRFE 4 speed auto

    Recently my fuel consumption went thru the roof , upto around 30-35l per 100klm , i cant pinpoint the exact time it happened but it went stupid on me
    after checking the car over ( 240,000klm on clock ) i decided it was time to give it a birthday and see if that fixes it
    so far i have done :

    Replaced spark plugs
    Replaced all fluids (oils/coolant etc)
    Replaced filters ( oil/fuel/air)
    Replaced MAF sensor
    Replaced injectors
    Replaced coolant sensor
    cleaned throttle body
    Replaced all 4 exhaust sensors
    Replaced CVs (full CV assy )
    New wheel bearings front and back
    New brakes shoes/pads front and back (skimmed and bled )
    New belt
    New coolant and flush
    reset computer ( twice )

    so now the fuel consumption has dropped to around 24l per 100 on hwy ( usually get around 16l per 100klm ) and m experiencing the following problems

    Idles rough and on startup idles high
    when taking off ,once in second gear with power on it surges
    still getting crap fuel economy
    other than that drives fine and brakes arent binding at all

    im lost for ideas and if anyone can help would be really appreciated