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    Hi All. New to the forum (or any forum for that matter) but hoping you can help. I have an ABS fault after having a rear airbags changed to springs and the steering arm was done at the same time but now I have a fault that brings on the abs on average 3 times when cornering between 50-60km/h on average. The light comes on and it makes the warning sounds. I have spent so much trying to figure out what is causing this without any luck and even changed the front wheel speed sensors and the yaw sensor with no change. These are what I would call medium corners on a 60km/hr road. Coming off a round about in Chermside west for those who know the area which is a large round about.

    Has anyone heard of this before or know if a solution?

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    Sound like you might have needed to perform a Zero Point Calibration for the steering angle and yaw rate sensors. This required after alignment and suspension work on the vehicle. This can be done via techstream, diagnostic tool or check wire method.


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      1: Is it an ABS fault light or trac ctrl/ VSC light? (It sounds like VSC is coming on to me).
      2: Did you lift it when springs went in?
      3: Have you have a code reader put on it? as ABS will be showing certain codes making it easy to track the fault. (If it is a fault)

      Its well known some vehciles can have ABS issues after lifting and navigating faster corners. Webster Road roundabout at 60 is likely high on the G forces I'd wager, and likely tripping the yaw sensors into a VSC situation. Solution.. Slow down.


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        thanks for your responses

        I’ve been to my mechanic and Toyota in Brendale, had the zero point cal. done and the mechanic especially has spent hours on this issue with no luck. I had the lift done previously about 5 years ago with no issue when it still had the air bags in the rear.

        I’m positive it’s not the trac control coming on. The average of other motorists through that particular round about is 55 from what I see when I go through there but I’m definitely not pushing it or even close to any Tyre screeching. What gets me though and I’ve tested it is, it doesn’t happen going faster than 60/65 or slower than 50. Only in that gap

        At this point I have spent so much time and money trying to figure out what is going on but I think my only option is to reach out to different mechanics to see if I can get some answers. Just to spend more money.. cuz I don’t know enough to buy and run diagnostics myself.

        I have a grande 2003 model if that makes any difference...


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          Try lowering your tyre pressures and retesting just to rule out tyre slip, there is a service bulletin on this for the 150
          2012 Graphite GXL T/D Auto, with all the normal crap you fit


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