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Loud Engine Bang and Oil Leak - is this the end?

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  • Loud Engine Bang and Oil Leak - is this the end?


    Hi there,

    This will be my last attempt to see if my 2004 GRJ120R can be salvaged. I know its a pig on petrol but with dozens of fire-trail family camping trips and moving my sons around post-divorce its become a member of the family that I was hoping to drive for many more years as it only has 232,000 on it.

    Sadly the low oil pressure symbol lit up on the dash coming back on a 90-min trip up from the South Coast to Sydney. Stopped and checked. Oil ok, bit dirty as was overdue for service by 2000km.
    Hopped back in and kept it under 100 km/h. Slowing down to 60 km/h at the next town a banging became quite audible in lower gears and low rpms or on idle.
    Pulled it over immediately and had it towed to a mechanic I trust who works on Prados alot.

    Spent $1200 pulling it apart, replacing harmonic balancer and the front drive shaft. My mechanic doesn't know whats wrong and is recommending a new engine. Apart from the noise its leaking about 50ml of oil per day from the front somewhere.

    Would be really grateful for anyone to watch/listen to the video and give me your no BS assessment and/or recommend a reliable Prado mechanic in the Parramatta NSW area.

    At 232,500kms I didn't expect to have to replace an engine and probably won't.

    Thanks for reading and any assistance.

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    These guys are in Seven Hills. Am going to them on Thursday and so far, based on speaking with them and seeing lots of good reviews of them on Pradopoint and other forums, they seem quite good. I like that they specialise in 4WDs. They also do engine conversions/replacements, so I reckon they'd be perfect to speak with.

    The sound could be a blown head gasket. That'd require a complete engine disassembly:

    Where on the engine is the oil leaking from? The workshop manual shows seals and gaskets in the following locations:
    - gasket on the top left (driver's side), behind a triangular 'timing chain cover': https://external-content.duckduckgo....png&f=1&nofb=1
    - seal behind the crankshaft pulley
    - small o-ring on the interior of the timing case (left, driver's side - requires taking off the timing case cover)
    - gasket for the cylinder head: https://external-content.duckduckgo....6pid%3DApi&f=1


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      Second hand engine from wreckers?


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        What was the outcome mtnchum?

        Sounded like a big end to me??
        Greg - 08 D4D Prado,
        Some trips done - Cape York, Fraser Island, Simpson Desert / Central Aust, Vic High Country.


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          Originally posted by Corigator View Post
          What was the outcome mtnchum?

          Sounded like a big end to me??
          Yep, I was going to say the same thing. Last time I heard an engine sound like that was my old V8 Torana, turned out to be a broken gudgeon pin and the conrod was bashing into the back of the piston.

          I'd be curious to know the outcome too, since my V6 just clocked up 220,000km
          "Sure it’s quiet, for a diesel, but that’s like being well-behaved… for a murderer."- Jeremy Clarkson


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            To be honest, I am not sure about the connection of this noisy sound and the oil leak. I guess that both are from different sources. I can't tell you anything about the noise because you need to go and make a diagnosis on it, but the oil leak is a simple process. Usually it happens when you use bad motor oil for your car, or it just should be cleaned because something stucked inside and it automatically makes higher pressure which causes oil leak. Be sure you always use the best motor oil on the market for your car, otherwise you just harm the engine.
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