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Plume of white smoke 2007 GLX prado 1GR-FE V6

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  • Plume of white smoke 2007 GLX prado 1GR-FE V6

    I recently bought a 4.0L V6 prado (1GR-FE engine) wit 145k on the clock (but now have suspicion the clock has been wound back, but that for another topic). I took it offroad for the first time to Imbil State Forest QLD. No hard 4x4 tracks but lots of hills (some very steep). On approach to a hill climb (approx 30 to 35 degrees steep) i pulled over and placed the car into low range 4x4, then proceeded to head up the hill - i though this will be easier on the engine and i will take it easy. About 100 m up the hill car started to loose a bit of power and i heard a rattle/clunking noise (which i thought was just the exhaust shaking due to slight loss of power), then a large plume of smoke (first darkish but then light grey/white) blew out of the exhaust and continued to blow.

    I turned the engine off and waited for a bit then started it again - the engine ran fine with no shake and no idle issues and smoke started to clear, although the smoke smelled somewhat sweet rather than oil or fuel (likely coolant?). I then continued up the hill but this time in 2WD and it happened again but not as bad as the first time.

    I am not an experienced off-roader but i have driven 4WDs before and i don't think there was anything wrong with my my driving, but has anyone had a similar thing happen, what could it be, blown head gasket, piston rings, injectors? I opened the oil filler cap and checked for blow by but nothing. A mechanic that was driving by on the track stopped and looked at it and said it sounded and ran fine with some white smoke still visible. Coolant and oil levels looked fine so not sign that coolant was lost other than the smell.

    I took the risk and drove the car and the smoke has clear completely within an hour of first time it happened and is now running with no smoke (its been over a week and no other issues). it got me stuffed and confused. is the engine on its way out. I am getting a mechanic to do a detailed inspection on it next week hopefully can diagnose.

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    Smoke or steam? Could be head gasket. Has coolant dropped? Could also be the infamous petrol shake that some petrols get randomly then clears.

    What makes you think its been wound back?

    How much oil was in the car? May have been low and pickup not in oil when at such a steep angle. I'd be asking mechanic to replace plugs, and also drop the mini sump and check oil pickup for sludging.

    The Prado is an AWD, it cannot be put into 2wd.


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      No it was definitely smoke which didn't smell like unburned fuel. Checked coolant and oil and both ok. My mechanic thinks it might be the PCV valve but it's getting a full check over, hopefully find the culprit. The thing is it ran fine shortly after and no issues since.

      What is the infamous petrol shake - sorry I'm fairly new to 4x4 and to prados.

      I did a car history report cos a few things didn't add up and it showed it had higher km sometime ago.


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        I'd be then inquiring as to whom you bought it off about the incorrect odometer. HUGE fines for doing that. especially if a dealer.


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          Interested to hear the outcome?


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