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  • Prado VX Traction Control

    Hi all,

    Just bought a 2004 Prado VX Auto which has all the electronic aids (ie.traction control) built in. I previously owned a basic model 90 series for 10 years which had none of this. Does anybody have any pointers in regards to when and how to use the electronic aids in various conditions (sand, rocks/deep ruts, mud) ? Reason I ask is because years ago I watched a Jeep Grand Cherokee bury itself in sand within 3 seconds with it's electronic traction system switched on so wondering if there are any similar traps with the Prados ? Is there a way to switch this off ? I think I read somewhere on this forum that you can remove fuses/ABS connectors but is there any other way ?

    Cheers - Jurgs
    2004 VX 4litre, 4 speed Auto, Sovereign Bar, Spotlights, Dual Battery System, Towbar, LPG Conversion

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    VSC gets turned off when you hit the centre diff lock button. You can't turn TC off. Never had a problem with the TC in mud or sand.
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      usually turning off the Stability control and leaving traction control alone is all you should need to do to drive mud, sand etc.

      Stability control kicks in when the car achieves sideways motion ie on sand the car moves both left and right whilst moving forward and it then tells traction control the car is in danger...therefore traction control kicks in to save you


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        Yeah, I'm still learning and adjusting to the electricary of my new ride. I previously had a Kia Sportage for ten years with no thoughts of DAC, VSC, centre diff or anything like that.

        I did a test run in the new ride through some tracks and just engaged the lot, a bit of trial and error, a bit of a play and just giving me time to learn. You forget how much you have learned over ten years about a vehicle's capabilites until you have to test a new truck's with slightly different attributes.
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          Hey Jarroid,

          Noticed you have LPG Conversion. How do you find that ? Is yours a 4 speed Auto ? What sort of l/100 do you get ? What brand/system have you got installed ?

          Cheers Jurgs
          2004 VX 4litre, 4 speed Auto, Sovereign Bar, Spotlights, Dual Battery System, Towbar, LPG Conversion