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  • Cracked dashboard

    hey just wondering if anyone here has the same problem like mine.
    I have a fine hairline crack or split along my dashboard that starts from the upper area where the speedo is.

    it goes all the way to the top of centre console. after much inspection there are lots forming from the corner of the console and near the aircon vents.

    an uncle of a fren has similar cracks but starts from the area above the glove box....

    apparently the vinyl material used by toyota cant stand the heat of an afternoon sun here in the tropics. its bugging this a common factory fault?

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    Can you post some pictures? That will help to identify the problem area.

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      Is your Prado still under warranty?
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        yup. have a look at the pics. looks like an 8 richter just went thru my dashboard...its bugging me a lot so i sealed it off with 1ton glue...and carefully removed the excess glue..looks ok... ... C02518.jpg ... C02517.jpg

        still hate that feeling of imperfection...

        but is this caused by vibration or heat? both? i thought toyota's quality is topnotch..i was wrong. esp since my waranty expired a yr ago...
        And i never even went offroad at all![/img]


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          Hmmm interesting. I've seen a Prado with similar problems at an auction house. It had a crack in the dash material that followed the sharp corner that goes around the speedo and other gauges area (exactly like the 1st Pic but a lot worse and all the way around). Looking at the service book I found the Prado was bought in Port Hedland and had been serviced up north as well. Beefed up suspension makes me think it was perhaps a mining vehicle. Thought at the time it seemed odd, like it had suffered too many vibrations, and had begun to come apart. The rest of the dash looked ok though....
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            ok thanks! that's one similar case. anyone else has this?
            worse is that i just bought the car off someone and have been driving it for only 3 weeks..and this problem popped up...

            i suspect too its vibration as the cause. but the type of roads i drive is just normal gravel roads, a bit uneven but nothing too 'offroady'..

            i'm getting some vinyl repair kits off ebay and see if it works...
            in the meantime i have patched the cracks with some putty glue but there are still visible gaps around it.

            Toyota should have uprated the dashboard a bit knowing that its a 4x4 that most ppl will use on uneven and rocky roads...upset about this...


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              Unfortunately neuro, you will probably find that the majority of Prado drivers will spend the majority of their time on the black stuff and Toyota make a car to suit. For those who plan to go off the beaten track they normally upgrade heaps of things for the privelege. Once again Toyota dont care about that either as by the time things start to go wrong the warranty has expired.
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                I would say its heat related.
                As its a flexible product to start with I would not think it would be affected by vibrations.

                Or its been armour oiled from a young age. Heard a rumour that if you start with that stuff you need to keep it up to it or it dries out and cracks..... but it could be just that, a rumour.

                Either way its cracked, and thats a bitch.

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                  yeah...its a b'tch alrite...heat...i supect that too.
                  i'm ordering the vinyl repair kit from ebay...
                  hope it works..anyone tried it?
                  will show the outcome once i've applied it on...

                  i just hope it doesnt get worse in the future..hey toyota TAKE NOTE!!!
                  use super hard plastics next time...


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                    that's a bit rough! haven't seen anything like that before, on any type of car! will keep an eye out for it now though! not that there's probably much that could be done to prevent it is there?


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                      Re: Cracked dashboard

                      Did you get the vinyl repair kit for the dash problem that you were having in March. If so, did it work and what was the result like?

                      I have the same problem. I believe it is caused by the heat although we do drive mostly on very rough unsealed dirt roads (90% of the time).

                      We are in the middle of a particularly hot summer.

                      Please let me know how you went.



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                        Re: Cracked dashboard

                        Hi Guys,

                        I have the same problem here in Alice, As I have suspected for a while it is heat related as it can get extremely hot here in summer, Inside or out of the prado :shock:

                        Mine is cracked in the same as you guys.

                        Any solutions on fixing the cracks let me know.


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                          Re: Cracked dashboard

                          So dash mats do have a purpose :lol:
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                            Re: Cracked dashboard

                            I find if the vehicle rear end is facing the afternoon sun rather than side on or nose to the west it is at it's coolest to climb into. Maybe that might ease further situations.
                            07 Prado GXL, D4D manual, silver and a fridge with constantly changing beer levels.


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                              Re: Cracked dashboard

                              Actually heat has a partner in crime which is dust . Dust which builds up on the dash absorbs the moisture out of the dash which combined with heat causes the cracking, thats what my mate who is in the auto repair business said to me when I brought my brand new car. His advice was keep the dust off the dash. If this is fact or fiction who knows but I haven't had a crack dash yet...touch wood :wink:

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