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120 making odd noice, resonation, exhaust or engine?

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  • 120 making odd noice, resonation, exhaust or engine?

    I have a '05 LC Prado, 3.0 D4D 122kW & automatic. The engine was replaced at ~108 thousand km's, now at 173tkm. I have had the car for around 64tkm now.

    I've had some issues previously, like transmission failure / coupler broken, and a broken fuel hose on the road.

    Now it has developed a new sound, which happens when the engine is on "D" and the car is on idle. There is no sound on P or N nor on slightly higher revs either. Here's a video of it.
    The sound stops /quietens if I hold the middle Exhaust Pipe Rubber, but it can be heard quite clearly at the end of the video.

    Please please, I would really like to know how much this will cost me...

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    Sounds like your've got something loose in the exhaust system, a few years back I had a similar sound coming from my patrol which ended up being the catalytic converter inside had deteriorated and rattled under idle. You may be able to shake the exhaust with the car off and if you can hear anything loose in that area then it may be the same issue. If it is, get a straight through.

    Good luck


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      Thanks for the response! I was quite worried about the sound, and the common reasons like manifold gasket and engine injector troubles sound worrisome. Now I am only somewhat worried . It takes a few days before I can get a time at the mechanic, and there's some caravan towing before that.


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