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Grande Key Shell Replacement

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  • Grande Key Shell Replacement

    Replaced the cracked plastic remote key shell on our 2006 Grande at last, for next to no $$$ outlay, yippeee.

    From Supercheap Auto. Advertised this week 20 March 2015, in the Supercheap flier from $4.99ea, I fitted a Remote Key Shell. Toyota (2 & 3 button) Part No. KF325.

    Break out the metal key part from the old broken remote key shell, the metal key element has a Tee shape on the inside end.

    There was no transponder glued inside the old key shell. If you have a transponder, carefully dig it out and glue it in new key shell.

    Use the pair of matched Tee adaptors from the little parts bag that fit on the Tee end of the metal key, go easy fitting the adaptors over the two standoff posts. Do not overtighten the three screws, nip them up enough to draw the two adaptors and the two case halves back together tightly.

    Moral of the story, don't sit on your keys... ...Simples...
    You can't help good equipment.