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  • Mudflaps Prado GRJ120

    Hi guys, my name Tommy and I'm from germany. 41 years old, three kids and so on. Just a normal guy, who is in all with offroad, like bikes, cars, quads,.....
    I own a 60 series and a Prado petrol 120series (as a daily driver), and I had a few Land Rovers, but just had enough oil on my ground....

    So, I have one small question: do you now a kind of "replacement" for the mudflaps on front and rear? I don't like the look, so I'm looking for something without "flaps".

    Thanks for you answers...

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    Just cut the flaps off at the base.. Easy option. Never seen anything else apart from that.


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      Hi Tommy,
      I got some from China via ebay eg:

      I had the same problem, genuine was too expensive. The fit was good but the material is a bit stiffer so as long as you don't do rock crawling, utilize the entire clearance and bend them much, it should be fine
      On a side note: Correct me if my memory is wrong but I cant recall much options of rockcrawling back in Germany anyway ;-)
      For that purpose I cut the genuine back as suggested by Piggy but that creates quite a bit of spray and dirty splash at the rear fender.
      Hope that helps

      Viele Gre aus Sydney


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        Hi guys, thanks for your answers. I think piggy is right, I'll just cut them off and thats it.

        @groeschel: it hasn't anything to do with rock crowling. I'm sure you know that in germany EVERYTHING is forbidden with, let's say, things like offroad, car, bike, quad, forest or whatever you choose, or in generall - FUN! . It's about the look. The flaps reminds me on my dads car in the 70ies.... no chance!

        So thanks a lot und

        liebe Gre aus Oberschwaben!


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          Thats one reason why I left some 14 years ago ;-)

          Gre vom einem ehemaligen "Schwoab"