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  • Centre diff lock

    hey guys
    how do I know that my centre dif lock is engaged? Iíve posted before, the light on my dash doesnít turn on so count that out. so because of the constant Ď4wdí is there another way to judge if the centre diff lock is engaged if in HL or LL?
    thanks in advance.

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    Sorry guys, 120 series 03 model diesel auto lol should have posted


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      The short answer is no. My 120 had the same issue however the centre diff lock only engages when you shift to 4HL or 4LL. One day out on the tracks the light magically started working and has worked flawlessly ever since.


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        Engage 4wd lock. Jack up one of the front wheels and see if you can rotate it.

        Do it on flat ground and chock the other wheels of course
        Greg - 08 D4D Prado,
        Some trips done - Cape York, Fraser Island, Simpson Desert / Central Aust, Vic High Country.


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          Easy way is find firm ground. Engage diff lock and low range. Turn the steering wheel hard left or right. See if it drives with no throttle. Yes means diff lock is not engaged. Just a quick test because you can wind up the driveline.
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