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Prado w/ odometer rolled back 180000kms… What mechanical concerns?

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  • Prado w/ odometer rolled back 180000kms… What mechanical concerns?

    So my girlfriend and I decided to take some time off and tour Oz with my parents caravan. After lots of research I settled on a Prado as my tow vehicle and after several dud inspections I finally found a 2006 Prado GXL 1KZ-TE Diesel engine in the Western Suburbs of Sydney with only 177000kms on the odometer. The car ran perfectly, looked immaculate, no cracked dash or obvious damage underneath and 4 new tyres. It seemed like a winner. I rang the mechanic that performed the most recent service and he confirmed it had been serviced recently and was sound. Unfortunately, I forgot to check the odometer readingÖ.

    The next day and $15,000 later I noticed some suspicious pen in the book and started to properly investigate. I finally got in touch with the real previous owner who had sold it 5 days previously with 350000kms on the odometer. The next 2 days were pretty stressful, but after driving 3 hours to get back to the scumbag's house in Liverpool, I managed to get $3000 out of him; probably the best result considering apparently the police/fair trading/anyone canít do a thing.

    Net result is I now have a 350000km Prado with a decent service history (filled in from previous owner). Everyone is keen to remind me about the expensive lesson Iíve learnt but Iím feeling optimistic that it has a whole lot of life left. My question is what can I do to keep it going and get me at the least through our towing trip.
    Getting it serviced on Monday including timing belt change, new brake pads and rear shocks replacement per previous legit owner.

    Tips on what else I should ask him to look at??

    Thanks for any help
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    Hi Jamesm11, That's really bad luck. Seems that odometer rollback is not as uncommon as we might hope. Whether it happens with a car dealer or private sale fraud is fraud. SA and NSW have apparently had a lot of rollback issues. Check with your States Authorities (i.e. consumer affairs or equivalent) and see if there is a body that you can get advice from.
    180K roll back is quite significant so you should check what a fair prices is and chase at least the difference so you can get you money back if you decide to sell it.

    I had a similar issue but found out about the fiddle pre purchase. I had them correct the odometer and an appropriate discount.I was lucky (the car check sites are invaluable for this).

    Good luck.


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      Thanks for the reply.

      Seems like no one really wants to know about it. The police basically said they canít charge anyone unless they are present for the windback...
      Fair trading arenít interested unless itís a dealer. Feeling lucky to get $3000 back honestly- the guy knew I couldnít do much.

      Anyway, hoping for a few more kís out of it


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        I think you should proceed with your complaint with both Fair Trading and the police as there appears to be substantial evidence of fraudulent activities.
        Fair Trading have an interest in the matter as I would suspect that the seller could be operating illegally without a motor dealer license having previous form.
        You need to submit a compliant online with Fair Trading.
        Matters of fraud are in fact a police issue, and no the police does not have to be sitting there watching the speedo exchange but good old investigative skills will work out the offence.

        Also it is unlikely that a roll back has occurred but instead a replacement lower KM instrument panel has been obtained and fitted.

        The other lesson here is that in all cases you should get a federal govt Revs check on the vehicle which shows finance and history. Costs less than $10 but could save many thousands
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          Hi Jamesm11,

          I believe you can still report suspected odometer tampering online (checkout I understand they are probably after traders, but is this guy an illegal trader?
          Rags is spot on about the revs check otherwise you are not sure if the car has finance against it (you don't want a double whammy).

          Either way I'm sure you will get enjoyment from your purchase if it has been well serviced and cared for.


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            No1 important issue.........make sure u take it to a diesel specialist and get the injectors checked, they could be due for replacement...your motor will be a dead weight if they let go and blow yr donk

            Just change all the oils or at least check them all asap for peace of mind

            good luck


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              Thanks for the replies. Got it fully serviced+ New disc brakes+ rear suspension+ timing belt and so far so good.

              Have reported the bloke to fair trading and the ATO- hoping he gets stung.


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