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Bog hole damage ??

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  • Bog hole damage ??

    Hi guys, I知 new to 4wding and just got my 04 petrol prado a couple months ago.

    on the weekend I was out with a few mates, and after a bit of peer pressure ended up trying to tackle a decent bog hole. Got stuck, Water was about half way up the doors and it was a good 15 minutes before I got out

    safe to say I regret it lol. Interior is f**ked. My hand brake and abs lights are constantly on, and my starter motor shit itself luckily just when I got home.

    after a bit of advice on what else I should be checking/ replacing, I知 assuming my diff and gear oil may be full of water ??

    and what upgrades should I do to be able to tackle a bit of water? Not planning on anything crazy but rather be safe for next time if we go through a bit of water


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    Don't !


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      Your alternator is likely to be full of mud and compromised too.


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        diff breathers and snorkel would be a good start


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          here is what needs to be looked at on the alternator
          Click image for larger version

Name:	20190202_080242.jpg
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          here are the brushes, clean them out with CRC or something , blow them clean, flush the rest with clean water and blow dry
          Click image for larger version

Name:	20190202_080733.jpg
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            take the starter out
            pull the triangle shaped cover off
            pull the plunger out and wire brush or lightly file it
            clean the cover and put a little bit of grease on it
            you may need to pull the contacts out as well , clean them and refit. google that it's pretty easy

            or get another alternator & starter to get the car going and do yours up as spares

            and dont forget to put the car on the lawn and run a sprinkler under it for a few hrs
            2008 Dune D4D manual GXL update - with lots of fruit !! + Roma Razorback Off Road Van


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              When I was younger and bought my first 4wd, like u, thought bog hole driving would be the bomb. It is fun but ultimately does cost you. Mud = money. Bushes don稚 like mud drying on them either. You値l be better for it when u steer clear of the stuff. Shame u had to learn the hard way.
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