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GXL twin locked vs VX/Grande traction control

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  • GXL twin locked vs VX/Grande traction control

    Need some advice whether its worth putting lockers in my GXL (no traction control) or sell it and by a VX/Grande with traction control.

    For what my GXL is worth plus the expense of putting in lockers, i could get a similar km and age VX/Grande.

    I do alot of high country and am not too keen on having limited steering up hill climbs, and cv/diff failure when not locked.

    My 150 (which I'm selling soon) traction control is awesome. I have a pro locker for the rear but i haven't needed to install it because of the effectiveness of the traction control. I'm guessing the 120 traction control would be just as good.?

    So what would you do? Lock the GXL or go traction control?

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    I had a twin locked Fortuner. Locked front and rear got me all sorts of places in the High Country, it's almost like cheating


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      Nice.! Fortuner has traction control aswell so best of both worlds there.

      Anyone?? GXL locked or VX/Grande??

      Keen to hear some thoughts..


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        better the devil you know

        sure way to throw money away is changing cars willy nilly


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          I'd keep your gxl assuming it's a good one. I'm not an off road expert by any means but I'd prefer an LSD in the back rather than an open wheeler with electronic aids. Just more stuff to go wrong.

          Interesting you think the vx/Grande is more expensive? In Perth they grandes seem to be heaps cheaper no one seems to want them.


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            Here in vic the vx/grande, as an example, are 14ish. My gxl is worth 10ish. Lockers will cost about 4 grand. So the locked gxl is 14g, same as a vx/grande.

            A change would mean the upgrades would be traction control, 5 speed auto, rear air for the kids and possibly leather. (Grande more but I'm not bothered with its extras)

            This is why it's not so straight forward to decide, more features would be nice.

            As GEEEXL said, do i stick with the devil i know or change to get extra features and not having to worry about lockers?


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              Has anyone needed to put a locker into a 120 that has traction control ?


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                Id be worried how many of the "features or buttons" on the grande dont work and the cost of parts to fix

                might be why no one is willing to pay high $$ for these variants

                kdss/ factory air suspension expence

                Do they run 18" rims ect


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                  I would go lockers.

                  My 120 is twin locked.
                  Mine doesn’t have traction control and personally I prefer it that way

                  While traction control is not as good as lockers IMO, it can be a let down while beach driving.

                  Also. If you did change. I wouldn’t buy a grande. Purely due to the air bag suspension.

                  11/06 kdj120 gx wide body auto


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                    What brand lockers did you use?

                    Did you do diff ratios at the same time?

                    If i went a Grande i would put a lift kit in straight away and use the rear king springs that replace the aitbags, amts spec i beleive.
                    As for shocks I'd just put bilsteins and not use the adjustables.
                    Best of both worlds then, Grande features with the simple gxl suspension .


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                      that’s a pic of my front and rear diff lock. Has part numbers and bearing.

                      Didnt change ratio.

                      11/06 kdj120 gx wide body auto


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                        Also. I bought one of these from eBay for the factory look

                        I contacted the seller first asked for a bit of the loom aswell.

                        The 70 series switch fits the 120 prado 100%. Left side of steering column. The big black square piece pops out. This pops in
                        11/06 kdj120 gx wide body auto


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                          That switch works well with the elockers. 1560 each plus fitting.. ouch