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120 Prado Car stalls but still has fuel in sub tank

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  • 120 Prado Car stalls but still has fuel in sub tank

    This is my article i posted on ewetube a while back about fuel starvation in our dual tank set ups.

    SYMPTOM - u have approx 45ltrs in the sub tank and the car stalls. And wont start........This is comprehensive and as far as im aware the only detailed explanation of what to do around so i thought id tidy it up for the forum

    Perhaps sticky this.................................. A link to my original post

    If u have the dreaded half tank of diesel left in the sub tank and it won’t fire up on the 90ltr light. Enjoy the lite read. This is yr saviour.

    1. Check and/or change fuel filters on fuel line if it’s been a while. Remember the filter between the two tanks. And try starting. If that fails.

    2. Clean jerry of diesel and plumb into fuel line POST under bonnet filter on the main fuel pump side and see if she runs. If she does. It’s either a blocked fuel line which is unlikely or the intank jet pump. (Or a cracked line. Also unlikely as you’ll spot that.)

    3. The fun begins. Might as well drop both tanks and check both inside for algae crap etc. Disconnect electrical wiring to fuel pump by either removing carpet from under left rear passenger seat and remove circular cover and disconnect with Phillips screwdriver. Or disconnect clips between tank and body while yr mate holds the plastic tank. Much more difficult as its very tight space, but doable.

    4. Disconnect your fuel lines, tape them all up to stop debris entering fuel lines and number them with masking tape or similar so u don’t mix them/cross them up. Other wise yr in the shit later on when u need to reconnect

    5. Drop both tanks. You’ll work it out. It’s a 2 man job. Internally inspect both tanks for crap and clean if need be

    6. As far as I’m aware. The sub is the rear steel tank and the main plastic tank is located towards the engine.

    7. Jet pump is located in the front plastic tank. You can replace the whole assembly from Toyota for a ridiculous price ($1300/1500 so don’t) or simply replace jet pump $400. Be aware the plastic gauze/filter on the end of the jet pump can clog up with crap and also cause fuel starvation. (happened to me) There is also a Venturi device (the jet pump) inside the swirl pot where diesel gets sucked from the sub to main tank, replace this.
    Ensure all openings a free of crap, they can clog up and cause issues. It may be the cause of fuel starvation. If yr real smart strip the whole assembly down. Gently pass compressed air through all the lines, hoses, openings to ensure they run freely. Be gentle here. Double check all openings are clear of stuck debri.

    8. Before reinstalling yr fuel/jet pump. Plunge the whole thing (the fuel pump) in a container of clean diesel and make sure it works. Hook it up to a 12v battery. Trust me. Do it. U might get a suspect pump that doesn’t work. It happens

    9. U can. If u want as i did this. Install a external fuel pump to the chassis somewhere out of the way. Do it externally and if it fails. It’s a quick replacement job. Old school set up. I run one and it sucks fuel from sub to main. I also run an additional breather into sub tank and T piece it into the main breather line. Helps with splash back and refueling.
    I have an in cabin switch to switch the external pump on and off if this stoopid setup from Toyota ever fails again. I just turn it on for 10/20 seconds to drag fresh fuel through it couple of times a month. This setup will save yr arse in the bush.

    Btw. The transfer hose between the two tanks. Replace it. Don’t be a Scrooge. I’ll guarantee it’ll be hard and ready to crack on you as they get hard and brittle with age after a decade, and on the next track dump diesel everywhere after cracking/flexing. Happened to a mate at Steep Point. Gaffa tape saved us there

    Enjoy Tonto

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    I recently had this issue.

    my Venturi device was blocked. Cleaned that out and all Good again
    11/06 kdj120 gx wide body auto


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      Originally posted by red hilux View Post
      I recently had this issue.

      my Venturi device was blocked. Cleaned that out and all Good again
      yes common issue, another simple blockage is the plastic gauze that filters the fuel,, this originally blocked up on mine causing fuel starvation


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