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03 GXL 1KZ-te 380K Question.

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  • 03 GXL 1KZ-te 380K Question.

    Gday, first post and first Prado so I’ve got it all going on..

    Looking at an 03 1KZ-te GXL with 380K.

    Ive done my research as much as I can but I have a couple of questions that really only experienced Prado owners can answer for me.

    Test driving and going over the above model, what would your top 5 points be to look at ?

    I’m aware of the overheating / cracked head issues that they can have.

    What major maintenance (if not completed) would be due at 380K ?

    I know it’s an open question, but from the info below, what would be a fair price ?

    Really appreciate any advice.


    Copied from the For Sale ad.

    2003 Toyota Prado for sale




    8 seats


    6 months rego

    Near new all terrain tyres

    New rear brakes

    One of the last models with the unbreakable 1KZ-TE engine.

    Many extras including....

    Lift kit

    Tow bar with electric brakes

    Anderson plug


    Side steps


    Light bar

    Roof racks

    Roof basket

    Rear 12 volt sockets


    Aftermarket Sony Bluetooth hands free stereo system

    Aftermarket dash cam/ reversing camera/ rear view mirror

    Custom made draws for boot if rear seats are not required.

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    Factory cylinder head on the KZ did have weakness, at those K's it may have already had another head? If so you'd want it to be an AMC not some Chinese cheapie.
    KZ is not unbreakable and if she ever overheated, she'll be down on compression/power.
    Anderson plug etc shows she's been towing. Towing with an auto will heat the engine as well as the trany. I'd prepare for some trany expenses, at least an oil/filter flush etc.
    Some drivers don't understand autos, they put it in D and put the boot in.
    I'd shout it a new viscous fan hub, will stop overheat problems under normal conditions.
    They don't have much go even in good condition so I'd throw away roof racks, basket etc to reduce windage.
    Price.... can't help without inspect. The KZ model is not going to command the higher price that the KD or V6's do.


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