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    ok been asked in the past but nothing recent or with a definitive response.

    is there a free online workshop manual for the 120 series prado?

    unfazed if its a website, download, scanned copy whatever.

    kind of need it or at least a section of it somewhat urgently as a problem has arisen and ive been given the task of fixing it starting sunday.

    once upon a time i had the resources at my fingertips but i didnt have a prado at the time and never imagined i would need the information so never made copies for myself (was in 2002-2004 when these 120's were new and i was an apprentice)

    anyway i have a kdj120 grande and have the task of replacing the air con evaporator. if youve had experience with his youll know its a dash out job and i havent done that level of mechanical work for about 18 years. i have no technical concerns about doing the job but i would really like to have a manual for guidance for when the brain is stuck on refresh and wont reload simply due to lack of recent experience.

    before anyone says its not a dash out job - it is. the dual zone models the evaporator is fixed in a housing that needs to be taken apart to remove the evaporator. the non dual zone models can be done without removing the dash.

    add links below or ask for contact details via PM if you have a copy and can send PDF


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    Crunch time came. tried to wing it on intuition and got a fair way but decided to pay for a weeks access to the factory manuals to get over my hurdles and gather(save) as much info as possible for any future repairs on this and my other Toyota.


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      An online copy of the factory man was available for purchase on the internet for quite a modest fee. Don't know if they are still selling them, but I'd expect so. Something like US$30 I think it was. I bought mine some years ago and it is an invaluable resource. Even just to know where the clips are to get a panel removed is worth the price.


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